Spinning outside on the streets of San Francisco provides me the distinct opportunity to create a weekly house music mix coined “The San Francisco Street Inspired House Mix” which airs on KPOO 89.5FM or KPOO.COM: Wednesdays 12midnight to 3:00am. 

As the leaves were falling during the autumn season of 2011, I mixed over 16 live sessions on the Embarcadero and Valencia Street in the Mission. 

Vulnerability is one of the key engines that drive me to create music mixes on the street because I have no idea what can happen next. The SFPD rides by and as they give me a slight glance as they take on matters of great urgency.   What I do know is programming music as transits are making there way allows me to connect with the people, humanity.

The feelings that I am tossing around while I a selecting songs are wildly incredible. I shake. I tremble. I think. 

I encourage you to plant yourself on a street corner and create and express yourself for the greater good of your community.  Sharing my passion for music with the general public is a great way of being part of something bigger then I.

Share your passion with your world and you will realize how generous, loving and engaging people can be.  Normally, when I step away from mixing a music set, I am left with an overwhelming state of contemplation and wonderment.

Being a personal witness to humanity as I stand still, in a creative state, shakes me to my core with the reality that life is a force, a force that cannot be played with, and a force that thrives on its own no matter what I may think or feel about it.  I have relearned that we are all the same on the inside now matter how we make up and dress ourselves on the outside or the body we were born in.

I realized that my opinions are important but not necessary to the force of life because now one is living for me or the force of life depends on me.   I had no idea that taking on the streets of San Francisco as a DJ will inspire deep thoughts and a reappreication for who we are.  I am just doing my thing, playing music, getting myself out of the house and sharing something that I have great passion for with my community. 

Vulnerability is the essence of having an exciting life. Take the risk and give what you got. Take that one special thing that you have and share it with humanity… the gifts that you will receive will be beyond the words on this page.