I am totally amazed with the quality of music that has influenced my life over the years.  Just like the gospel for some, music as been my source for inspiration.  I have learned to express myself, create relationships, and travel the world because of music. 

As a DJ, I  not only create a sound collage of rhythm, tempo, and emotions.  I am able to take the time to study human behavior:  the group of people in my environment and understand what they want and need and then delivery. 

It all started back in the early 1970’s when I would steal my big sisters reel to reel player and for hours I would be fascinated with how the reels would rotate.  When I learned the reel to reel  could record I was  impressed  with the sounds I was able to capture.

Over the years as I progressed and  as technology changed the way I DJ, I am challenged with a feeling of withdraw.  I feel I am cheating the system when I do mobile Djing.  Under normal conditions, such as a even walk way, a ramp, or a short flight of stairs, I can have my entire system, two active speakers, laptop, DJ controller, and cables set up in 15 minutes or less from the time I park my vehicle.  It blows my mind. 10 years ago I would take me 45 minutes , 15 years ago it would take 1 hour before I had sound., now it is under 20 minutes.  I find myself double guessing thinking i forgot something.