It’s been great working with all the community groups that I have been spinning at over the past few weeks.  I spun at a Gala for the non-profit organization, Positive Resources at the RH80 Gallery in San Francisco.   With the variety of music that I played within a four hour span Donna Summer would be proud  to know that her music still inspires a dance floor 30 years after the fall of Disco. Although Disco never died based on my experience. 

A friend from Gallery 1307 invited me to harvest  vegetables at  an urban garden in East Oakland on Sunday afternoon and as I was walking out my front door I got the bright I idea to bring along my flash DJ unit:  laptop, DJ controller, and rechargeable power speaker (pictured on home page).  I spun music, took pictures, tilled the soil, picked some fruit, planted some seeds, waved at some live chickens, met some new friends, and ate some amazing food in the sun, at the garden with a group of passionate colorful people.

I have been loving my radio show on KPOO 89.5 San Francisco (  The vision that I had for being on the air is ringing true with the programming of Disco,  the Fingersnaps House Mix, Nu Jazz & Soul music.  Most special is hosting  the talents  such as Byron Mason (, Anthony Williams(, and Carol Francis & P. Segal The Adventures of Sasha & Malia at the White House (,  of bay area artists broadcasting to the world the great things people are doing in San Francisco. Tune in if you are up. 

I was fired from my part-time position at Fort Mason after 4 years of service.  It was a great experience working with large scale events. I met some wonderful people, made some great contacts, and learned valuable skills about producing events.  With the efforts of Fingersnaps my future is now open.  With the openness of my future I can now create something new for myself and others.  I look forward to the next chapter.