To quote the great lyricist Cole Porter “Begin the Beguine”…let’s start the dance.  I am so ready to play music for the entire world.  I realize that is a tall order but I am basing my vision on this year past.  I have been reflecting on all the wonderful events and special groups that I provided music for in 2011. 

 I am always taken by the impact music has on a person to the point were it inspires one to move their bodies and rouse their emotions.  I am filled with joy when I spin a tune and a group of dancer explodes verbally with excitement and freedom. I feel empowered when people connect with me as one expresses what a song really means to them. 

 To see a person jump, tumble and roll to the beat of a drum thrills me.  Music is there to celebrate the union of a loving couple to feeling the love of a passed loved one. The tone and melodies of a voice can soothe the unease of a crying infant. A song can transport us back to the moment of our first kiss and helps us celebrate the moments of our life. Music has granted me the privilege of working in peoples homes and being apart of milestones in a person’s life.  Music has brought me to exotic events and locations at home and abroad.

As I look forward to the days ahead, I want to use my life’s commitment as a DJ and the hundreds of records, CD’s and gigabytes of music I have amassed within my lifetime and share it with the masses. Being a DJ is not only an occupation, being a DJ is an avenue that unites me to something greater than I.