On 11.11.11,  I was booked to spin a sweet 16 Birthday party in Tiburon California. The host of honor requested I show her a play list of the songs I would be programming for her party and I informed her that I don’t have play list, I play spontaneous.  She responded that’s great but can I see a list.  I told her I have over 7000 songs on my computer  and that she was welcomed to look through them all.  She was surprised by my response to her but I could to think of any other way of letting this young lady that I had things covered.  She ask me repeatedly if she could see a list and I responded with the same answer.  As  the night started to take shape and as her school mates and peers begin to show their presents  she came to me once again and ask if I was going to play “this” type of music for long. I was playing a current dance hit from the radio. The type of music that I was playing at the time were many of the songs that she requested along with current hits and genres of her generation.  I assured her once again that I got the music covered and to relax and enjoy your party.  Friends arrived. The music increased in volume and the room became completely dark for the exception of the glow sticks that were handed out as party favors to her guest.  LMFAO Shots was the very song the solidified that  her night along with mine was going to be unforgettable.  That group of teenagers worked me all night long and I loved it!




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